Friday, June 5, 2015

Molly's Shiny New Smile

June 4, 2015... Sweet Molly... She has entered a brave new world... lol.  Molly was born with no permanent bilateral incisors (the teeth on either side of the big teeth) on the top.  When her baby teeth there fell out, her permanent canines turned and moved into those spots and her baby canines never fell out.  At least not yet... they will eventually... so we all decided it was better to have all of this taken care of now (when she's still at home, insured and not married, pregnant, taking care of babies, etc...)  So the plan is to pull those baby canines, move the permanent canines over where they belong and then have implants for the bilateral incisors.  Last week she had expanders put in and yesterday the expanders were removed and braces were installed (?).  Next month the baby canines come out and the real 'move these teeth' dance begins.  Dr. Johnston thinks it will be a two year process.  Molly, full of fun and humor (as always) said "Well, at least you know I won't get getting married for at least two years!" LOL

Many thanks to Dr. Johnston of Johnston Orthodontics and his fabulous staff!!