Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Fun at Three Rivers State Park

Our sweet children... in case you can't remember who's who... on the left: Caleb is holding Isaac, MaryVance, Luke is behind MaryVance, Molly is holding Joseph, and Elijah is in Sam's lap. Got it? There will be a test later. -giggle-
Caleb. He's not blurry in real life... 15 years old. sigh.
Molly. She's 13 and a half and a half...
Sam. Just turned 12.
Luke. aka 'Texas' (lives in this hat. sleeps in this hat. it stinks. how do you wash a cap?!). Luke is 9 + + .
Miss MaryVance. 7. still. till May. :-)
Elijah. All that. and 6 years old to boot!
Isaac. Ike. -snap- "I'm outta here". -snap- again "I'm outta here again." Yep, he's four.
Joseph. Too cute for just one pic.
There. Does that give you a Joseph Fix? He's 20 months full of lusciousness!!

Aahhh.... I think I'll have another... giggle. Check back in September for that pic!


Kelly said...

Great pics! As for the cap...I can understand. I have to practically wrestle Rock to get his off for a washin'. Gentle cycle of the washer and then sit it on top the dryer (or somewhere) to dry. Put a drop (or a few) of tea tree oil on the inside brim to help with the odor.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Kelly! Great idea. Maybe I can sneak it off when he goes to sleep. He's so afraid if I wash it it will fall apart and he's had it for years... since 2003!

Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! I was looking at the pics thinking "Gosh, they are good looking, wonder when there will be another." ;)