Friday, March 14, 2008

Picnic in the backyard

Yesterday the little boys were in desperate need of an Adventure. I had the bright idea to have the big boys set up our smaller tent for them to play in at the back of our backyard. It was a big hit! Elijah wanted to have a picnic lunch there too! I thought you'd enjoy some pictures :)

Just call her Funyan Face.... hahahahaha

They played in the tent for hours and hours and had a blast. Now they want to sleep in it tonight! We'll have to see what Daddy says about that ;).


Tanya said...

How fun, and what cute pictures! :-)

Mo said...

Our neighbors across the street set up a tent for their kids. They even started a fire. In town. shhhhhh

I doubt they will sleep in it tonight.......

Lydia said, "I think those parents across the street must be good parents cause they did a tent for their kids."

You must be a "good parent!"