Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Nehemiah is Almost Done!

4o weeks 1 day


And a comparison shot...

40 weeks 4 days with Joseph


~*B*~ said...

you look wonderful!!!
your hair is so LOOOONG!!!!

Anonymous said...

Dana, you look great. I love the comparison pics. I think little Nehemiah looks like he may be a bit smaller?

You just look beautiful darling!

Can't wait to hear the *news*!

Tina said...

you look gorgeous! Can't wait to see him!! I agree with Tara, you look a little smaller with Nehemiah.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dana!!! So very excited for you!!! Long time, no talk. Just wanted you to know that I am praying for you. Hope all goes well with the delivery. Give our love to the family.
Love, Tracy Graves

Anonymous said...

So cute!! =) You still have that pregnancy glow, even after so many. I was sick my whole last trimester with #5 and maybe that's why I looked completely washed out and at least 10 years older. But you look lovely and your hair is amazing!!