Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Bedroom Project - Part 5

Do you remember earlier I mentioned "The Wall"?  Here are some shots of it.

Couldn't get the whole wall in one shot --  you'll have to use your imagination :)

They really loved this wall and seriously debated whether to paint over it or not.  Two sons (who shall remain unnamed) really didn't want to repaint it but finally decided that it would be better to paint it... :)

The little boys wanted to paint so badly... here they are applying primer.

What fun!
So last night while the girls and Nehemiah and Joey and I were at the ladies supper at church Tony and the big boys primed half of the room.  I think Luke did most of the priming while the others were removing the sheetrock at the closet ceilings and working on the new supports for the ceiling.

And Tony removed the sheetrock from the ceilings of what were the closets.

Wanna guess what his project is for tonight while the girls and N and I are at a bridal shower?  :)

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