Friday, July 30, 2010

Frying Chicken

Honey would be proud of me!

Look Mama... fried chicken :)

That's my old trusty cast iron skillet my Mama gave to me.
Boneless strips.
What do you think Mama?

And, look what I made *just for you*... the children enjoyed them in your honor...


And this picture is for my friend Carol. We were discussing the mertis of single dipping vs. double dipping...

On the left is double dipped, on the right is single dipped.

I used to fry chicken strips years ago... but they were never very crunchy (and I love crunchy) so I gave up.
Enter: Matt (lovingly called Matt Poo by the children and MattyCakes by me - lol)
Matt loves to cook. He taught me his way to fry chicken. Basically everything I had always done except for One Thing.

The One Thing?


Yep, egg.

The drench should be made of egg and milk, not just milk. Egg is the secret. Lots of egg and just a splash of milk. Now you know. When you fry chicken you can think of Matt and me :)
No, I, of course, do not have a recipe - lol.
I seasoned flour with seasoning salt. Taste to see that it's well seasoned and not too salty.
Then I beat three eggs with a splash of milk.

I used five boneless breasts and cut into strips.
Then I heated about 1/2 inch of oil in my cast iron skillet.
Drench strip in wet, dredge lightly in dry, drench in wet and then dredge in dry. This time really press firmly to get the flour into all the little nooks and crannies and make sure it sticks well. Shake off excess flour.

Drain on paper towels.

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Cathy said...

Can you say instant craving?

Well, looks like I know what's for dinner tonight! WooHOOO! Heading to the freezer to pull out a bag of boneless breasts now ;-)