Thursday, March 21, 2013

23 Days

23 days... Yesterday I got the taping and first coat of mud up in the bathroom. Today we have friends coming to spend the afternoon so I get out of work... roflol. I have a decided opinion about mudding... either you have it or you don't. I don't. LOL.

The Amazing G's (and their assorted Lewis Labor Force) got the front porch beam and columns almost finished! So pretty... I know you want a picture, don't you... LOL. And the soffit is almost finished on the back... and (don't you love my 'ands'?) part of the eave on the north end is up!

Tony got new tires on his 'new to him' commuter and our Super Number One Son Matt put on new roaters and pads... roters and pads? One or the other! Actually Matt changed out one with Sam watching and Sam changed out the other with Matt's supervision. I am so proud my boys are learning all these important things... brakes... roters... (how do you spell that anyway?) and they have learned so much working with Larry & Sandy Garver ♥

What a great day we have before us!

Miss Sandy and her shadow... Joseph!

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