Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Today's sewing

I started this a long time ago... -blush- It's a baby gift and baby is due any day now. The new daddy loves airplanes and I looked and looked to find a knit with airplanes. Today I just had to do all the coverstitching (hemming and waistband).Then I cut out this adorable John-John for Nehemiah. It's all done except for hemming and the snaps in the crotch and shoulders. I have one cut out for Joseph too only his has two pockets on the sides. And I'll make MaryVance a peasant dress to match!
My friend Traci asked me if she could come over later this week so I could teach her to make a pillowcase dress. Nevermind I have never made one. So I made one today to practice. Can't teach what you don't know... LOL

That one is for Ruby. I had so much fun I made another one from fabric and cut it as an Aline. It's about a 6/8 (depending if it's a dress or a top) and it's for sale! LOL

Fun fun sewing day. Nevermind that I didn't even start what I was Supposed to be sewing. Oh well... tomorrow is a new day!


a mom of many said...

Hmmm...that cutie of a dress would look VERY pretty with Izabelle Butterfly's new custom headcovering! Thanks for learning so I could too :)!

Dana Lewis said...

You are VERY welcome! It was WAY fun!!! I think I may make some for the craft booth in Oct. Yep!