Saturday, February 23, 2008

Visiting the Bakers on St George Island

On Feb 11, Sam's birthday, we drove down to St George Island to visit our dear friends who were vacationing there.

We just want to wade in ankle deep, Mama... really...

Ooops...I think Ike is All Done!

These pics were taken on the bay. Later we went to the ocean side:

The sun was really bright so ignore the shadows!

Charlana does the beach!!!

Charlotte and Dana!

(PS Mom and Tommy... *this* is really where you need to vacation -nodding- yes!!)

Our little creek...

Remember that little creek that trickles through our property. Well, it has rained and rained and rained for two days and look at it now! You can normally just step across it!!

A dress for Isabelle

My sweet friend Patty just recently returned from Guatemala with her newest daughter. I made this little outfit for Isabelle. The pinafore buttons in the back with pretty red buttons.

Haircuts for the little boys

Here they are in the tub after their haircuts!! bbzzzzzzz......

The Beaver Saga, Part 2

After doing some research yesterday (and discovering beaver can be rabid and they carry several parasites that transfer to humans that can be really nasty) we decided to call Environmental Health. They sent someone to pick up the beaver to check for rabies.

We should know something Wednesday. The agent said it was a 'low risk contact' so we really aren't expecting rabies to come back as positive but it was prudent to find out for sure.

Poor fellas... didn't get to skin the beaver...

Friday, February 22, 2008

BEAVER in our yard last night!!!

a Beaver. big furry animal, big orange teeth, long flat tail--- a beaver!!

IN our Yard!!!Our yard is entirely fenced! Three sides with dog fence and one side with field fencing.A beaver in our yard! The dogs killed her. Sorry Mrs. Beaver. She got a couple of them though... one got it in the nose and one got it in the leg. Beaver have sharp teeth. I don't think the dogs knew what to do with her. They've never seen a beaver before.

I've never seen a beaver up close before.

Why, oh why was there a beaver in my back yard? Where did she come from?

The boys saved her body because they want to skin her. I told them I didn't care as long as I didn't have to smell anything Am I a good homeschooling mommy or what?Is there any reason they shouldn't skin the beaver? Any health concerns or anything? Anybody know?

Wanna see a pic of the dead beaver? I don't want to gross anyone out... she has orange teeth. Like UT orange... very wierd. Elijah said they are orange because she doesn't brush them!

Molly has some better pics. I'll get them from her camera in a few minutes!