Saturday, August 3, 2013

Nehemiah's First (Official) Day of Kindy

Nehemiah did some Kindy work last year but this is his first official year of Kindy... and, actually, he doesn't have to 'officially' attend K until next year because of his October birthday.  Anyway... this child is ready for school and has been asking all week when school is starting.  We haven't started yet but he did school today and I snapped some pics to share :)

Drawing 'frees' is hard work!
"YES!!!"  He did it!
Oops... glue on the fingers!

I didn't think to take pics until he had finished Math already.  ;)  And we do Science and Social Studies as a group class so he didn't do those today either. 

He is growing up so fast... the time flies by, that's for sure!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Our New Library and School Room

Phase 1... we will come back and add drop ceilings sometime in the future... 

View from the library into the Family Room, which is partially done.
Let me find a 'before' picture...
Standing in the Family Room looking toward the Library

Family Room area

I know it's hard to picture without a floor plan but basically, if you were looking down from above, you could divide it into six areas.
Top left: exercise area, bottom left:  library
Top middle:  storage, future kitchenette, future bathroom, future laundry area
Bottom middle:  family room
Top right:  workshop
Bottom right:  storage

Does that even make sense?  LOL

We are enjoying being able to design the space to fit our needs.  Y'all know how much we enjoy home remodeling projects anyway!

Now, come see us sometime!  We love company!!