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Bitten by the Knitting Bug

When Joseph was a baby I learned to knit longies (wool diaper covers) and really enjoyed it.  However, I didn't see a need or have a desire to learn to knit anything else since we never wore knitted things in Florida.  When we moved to SC it dawned on me *hey, I could pick up knitting again and make things we would actually use!* and thus began my Knitting Journey Part 2.  LOL.
I didn't really remember a lot about knitting and I was not confident in my abilities at all... all of this just happened to coincide with a visit with two knitting friends!  We were blessed to spend time with Kirky (of Knit One, Blog Two and Kirky Yarns).  She is a dear and really encouraged me so much.  I appreciate her more than words can say.  She gave me what I needed to really pick up the needles again.  We also spent time with our dear friends in WI and Cathy showed me the basics again.
On the way home from WI I stopped at a local store and picked up some yarn and needles.  I needed something to do on the trip home and I *needed* to knit again.  I started working on a scarf for Molly.  This is what I had accomplished by the time we got home.
And the beautiful and gracious Molly with her new scarf...
Next I made the logical progression to hats, caps, toboggans, whatever you want to call them.  Don't you just love my model?
Caleb asked for a wool cap that was long enough to cover all of his head and his use for running and doing outside chores...
Then (if you know me this will not surprise you...) I was bored with plain knitting and wanted to do something different... so I created this for myself :)
I made several other hats, I will spare you the photos... lol...
Then I wanted to make a sweater vest for the poikas (you know, my term for the younger boys... it's Swedish for little boy)  .... and, oh dear, what a process that was.  I used wool that I already had to make sure I could figure out what I was doing and came up with this one:
No, no, the fit is not quite right so I tried another pattern...
which looks okay until you see it on the child it was supposed to fit... lol
Um.. yeah... I'm obviously having sizing issues... roflol... but not one to be easily thwarted I tried again... this time I ended up about ten inches into the pattern that was supposed to fit Isaac with one that would fit Luke and I quit.  LOL. It will be pretty when/if I ever finish it...
So on to pattern number three and this is the result... a little 'roomier' than I would have liked but the fit is better...
Somewhere in there I made this for myself... a felted bag...
Now, I do want to attempt a sweater for the girls some day but I also really, really wanted to learn to knit socks.  A sweet friend had given me a pattern booklet for socks years ago but I never attempted them.  Socks are overwhelming.  Feet are weird critters to sew for... but, at last, I dug the book out and made my first pair of socks.  Before I started I watched a wonderful youtube tutorial on sock knitting and that is what pushed me over the edge to give it a try.

I followed the pattern (well, for the most and they are looser than I like socks to fit.  Again, me and the fit issue... So I tried again with a pair of anklets for Molly.  This time I made them according to the smallest measurements given.  They are still looser than we prefer so I went on to a third pair with a different pattern, but I am getting ahead of myself.  Here is Molly's pair.
Okay, where was I?  Oh, yes, the third pair.  Kirky recommended a book (The Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns) so I read the instructions, knit yet another gauge swatch, and commenced to make Sam a pair of socks!  Whew... what an undertaking... his feet are way huge... lol
So... they are too big for him... really?  They fit "okay" but not as snugly as he would prefer.  Before I attempt a pair for Caleb I am going to see counsel from The Amazing Kirky ;)
I hope you are not bored with my knitting journey... be glad I spared you pictures of everything... lol.
Thank you again to Kirky and Cathy!  I am loving this knitting thing!

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