Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A House Story...

The short version is that we have looked and looked.  We found one house we liked but someone put an offer in on it before we even had a chance.  We found another house we liked.  We actually had this one under contract.  We had an inspection done and found there was just too much that needed to be done and was beyond our abilities.  We found a third house.  You know what they say about 'third time' :)  We are under contract on a log house.  Yes, a log house!  We had the inspection today and there are no red flags.  There are a few minor things but nothing major.  We are so thankful.

We realized, pretty early on, that we were going to have to compromise somewhere... and we couldn't really compromise on house size so we compromised on land size.  The house is a good size for us and when we finish the basement (sometime in the future) it will be a fabulous size for us!  It's on two acres but the land looks like a good layout and will be usable for our needs.

MaryVance was my photographer so you get to see what is important to her :)  I did not take a video, I forgot completely.  The main level has a hall closet, half bath, laundry room, kitchen with pantry, dining room with balcony, living room, master bed and bath.  The upper level has two large bedrooms, a full bath and a play area.  The basement is unfinished but will still be used ;)

The Living Room

The Kitchen

The Dining Room

 The view from the balcony off the dining room

Other Pics from Lower Level

Master Bed & Bath


and there are a ton of unfinished basement pics... I will spare you those!  LOL

Time for an Update

We made it here, safe and sound.  Good trip, no troubles with the animals.  We are blessed to be staying in a rental house here in Greer, SC.  We are happy to all be together :)  God has blessed us with some sweet friends already.