Monday, May 5, 2008

Everyone on Sunday morning

To everything there is a story...

Three summers ago I bought these aqua polos at Macy's. Loved them.

So happy that they had them in such a broad range of sizes.

Never found anything to match for the girls so the shirts just hung in the closet for a year.

Last summer I found this lovely fabric!

I made a dress for MaryVance (can you tell is has a smocked bodice?) and a jumper for Molly. I also made a romper for Joseph and a John-John for Isaac from aqua gingham. Lovely. Really. It looked very nice together.

This year I really wanted MaryVance to be able to wear this dress (because I put a lot of time into the smocking of it). Molly's jumper didn't fit her. It looked like a maternity jumper. Her shape is changing... So I took it apart, fitted the bodice and cut a new skirt from the old one. So far, so good.

Now to find something for Joseph and Isaac to wear. Of course last year's outfits don't fit and Ike's from last year is too big for Joseph this year.


The boys XL still fits Caleb (which is very surprising as he wears mostly S or M in mens). I decide that a pale to medium yellow polo for the littlest boys would fit the bill.

I'm on a quest.

Can't find them anywhere.

No where.

Yellow must be *out* for this year.


So what do I do? I go to my trusty friends at HearthKeepers and ask their opinion. They are great! Kelly sends me to The Children's Place where there are several options. [Thanks again Kelly!!] I really didn't want to order online because I wanted to be able to see the colors in person and I can never tell about Joseph's size until I see the shirt.

Tony to the rescue. He finds a Children's Place in Tallahassee. We are headed there anyway so...

Saturday we head to Tallahassee (remind me to tell you the story about our trip to Sam's Club if I forget...)

Kelly mentioned that she didn't think the 'azure' blue would be a close enough match but she would go with green. I wasn't sure about green and aqua... But when we got there and looked at everything all together I really liked it!!!

Whew! Now you want to see the photo?

Here's a closeup of the original shirt and the dress. See the leaf green in the dress? It's the same color as the green shirts!

and a close-up of some of the smocking...

Puppy Outfits

He likes it.
He does.

I promise.