Friday, October 24, 2008

Nehemiah's Two Week Checkup

was yesterday. He's doing great! Our Ped said "Whatever you are doing... keep doing it!"

Nehemiah weighed 8 lb 7 oz at birth, 8 lb 3 oz at 2 days old, 9 lb 3 oz at 1 week and 10 lb 3 oz yesterday! -yeah!-

He's doing so well!!!

Nehemiah's Birth Story

Nehemiah’s birth story really began several days before his birth. As is typical for me, I began having prelabor contractions off and on starting on Wednesday. By Sunday they had changed to prodromal labor and continued until early afternoon. True labor contractions began around 2:30 pm Sunday . They started at 20 minutes apart and continued to get closer together, stronger and longer. My midwives (Layla and Diana) arrived around 9:30 pm.

At this time the contractions were strong and regular but not really painful. I felt kind of silly for calling them so soon but Isaac and Joseph’s births were both very quick and I didn’t want them to be on the way when Nehemiah was born. It felt kind of odd having them here just hanging around… but I’m glad they were here for the birth.

It seemed like Nehemiah’s birth took a long time. I think that was because I was prepared for another two or three hour birth (like the previous two). He also was not in the best position and he kept moving and moving and moving during contractions. Ouch! I’ve not had a baby that moved around like that during contractions before. His movement really, really intensified the contractions.

He was born at 2:29 am. I was really glad when labor was over! His actual delivery felt different and I asked Layla about it afterwards. She said that when he was being born and was about to his eyebrows he began turning his head and was rotating his head and he was being born. Yeah, that explains it! No wonder it felt different!

He’s such a doll and we are enjoying him so much! He has a serious headfull of hair! We’ve never had a baby with so much hair! It’s 1.5 inches long all over his head.

The Lord answered all of my prayers… I had prayed for a peaceful, uneventful (in the “emergency medical” sense) birth. Thank you Lord for a safe birth and a gorgeous little one to raise for You!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Nehemiah is Two Weeks Old

Isn't he just the most precious little fella?! aahhh......