Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Woohoo!!!! Movin' on up!

Remember that song on the Jefferson's?  I'm dating myself, aren't I?  lol

We now have DSL.  woohoo!!!!  Thank you to my sweet husband for his patience and diligence getting this all set up.  It's not only Faster than what we did have, it's CHEAPER too!  A win/win situation for us!

Maybe now I'll blog more regularly?  Well, we also got a new computer and all of the photos are on the old one so ... ;)  Tony got a transfer cable, I just have to ask him what goes where. 

Everything is good around here.  School is going well, everyone is healthy, life is good.  God is good!  (Well, He's good no matter how things are going around here, amen?!)