Thursday, March 28, 2013

20 Days...

20 Days! Woohoo! Excitement is mounting in the house! ♥

Speaking of 'house' :whistle: Ours is for sale :) 2800 sq ft, 10 acres in Grand Ridge. Holler if you know someone who may be interested. I'll be putting up pics soon :)

21 Days...

21 days... Tony's start date got moved back a few days ;)

Still have sickies here. :(

I really need to work in the bathroom today... only two small areas to tape and mud but they are over the tub which means I need to stand on a barstool in the tub. LOL. See why I've been putting that off?

Brokers are coming Monday for the market analysis.

So much to do... we really need to feel better so we can get it all done!