Thursday, March 21, 2013

23 Days

23 days... Yesterday I got the taping and first coat of mud up in the bathroom. Today we have friends coming to spend the afternoon so I get out of work... roflol. I have a decided opinion about mudding... either you have it or you don't. I don't. LOL.

The Amazing G's (and their assorted Lewis Labor Force) got the front porch beam and columns almost finished! So pretty... I know you want a picture, don't you... LOL. And the soffit is almost finished on the back... and (don't you love my 'ands'?) part of the eave on the north end is up!

Tony got new tires on his 'new to him' commuter and our Super Number One Son Matt put on new roaters and pads... roters and pads? One or the other! Actually Matt changed out one with Sam watching and Sam changed out the other with Matt's supervision. I am so proud my boys are learning all these important things... brakes... roters... (how do you spell that anyway?) and they have learned so much working with Larry & Sandy Garver ♥

What a great day we have before us!

Miss Sandy and her shadow... Joseph!

24 Days

24 days... The Amazing Mr. G is working on the front porch! It's going to be so pretty! The Amazing Mrs G is teaching the older boys how to hang soffit. Hang? Hmm... install? Yes, install sounds much better!

As for me... well... I'm "planning" ;)

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

25 Days

25 days... what will today hold? I think I will *not* plan to get the FH done and see what happens. LOL

It's a stormy, dreary day. I sure hope it clears up! Yesterday they got all the old soffit down from the front and back of the house and the support pieces up. One half of the front has the soffit installed.

And I looked through a jillion real estate listings... we need a couple of 'back up' options in case our favorite house doesn't work out. ;)

In case you are of the understanding that roosters only crow as the sun rises... I would like to educate you otherwise. LOL.

And thus ends the train of random thoughts from the brain that never rises this early... LOL

26 Days

26 days... still haven't made it to the Friendship House yet... lol. But the wonderful, amazing, patient Larry Garver came today to begin the work on the exterior. We happily supplied a good work crew for him ;) I think Joey has a new best friend in Miss Sandy. LOL. The new soffit looks lovely! And the porch is going to look sooooo nice!

27 Days

27 days... I think I will work in the Friendship House today... get it all staged and photographed so we can start stashing stuff from the house there...

Oh and I did a little work in the kitchen yesterday, it looks less cluttery now... Amazing how all the stuff on the fridge really clutters up the look of the room!

Molly worked in the pantry, it looks Fabulous! Today we will finish clearing out the buffet and disassembling it for Jennifer to take to her home ♥

28 Days

28 days... sweet plumber man came yesterday to repair the leak in our master bathroom (that we discovered when we removed the old wall boards) and set a new sink in the Pachyderm Potty Room LOL. White is so much nicer than blue ;)

The big boys are working on finishing the hanging of the drywall. Caleb has declared that he will never hang drywall when he has his own home... to which I promptly replied that he will probably end up hanging drywall for a living just for saying that! ROFLOL... he quickly amended his statement to "I HOPE I never have to hang drywall..." LOL

A New Journey for Us!

We are embarking on a new path in this journey of life :) Tony has received a promotion and will be the the new district manager of the Greenville SC office :) Rejoice with us! The Lord is surely leading us and we are excited to see what the future holds ♥ And y'all come see us sometime! :)