Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Girls Room ~ BEFORE

Again, this was not the most recent arrangement of the room but you get the basic idea.  The beds are no longer bunked and will not be in their new room.  They are also going with a whole different color scheme... either blue/yellow, green/brown, or blue/brown.  Decisions, decisions, decisions... :)

The Boys Room ~ BEFORE

I didn't take Before pictures but here are some I found on the computer.  Their room is arranged differently now but you can see the basic idea and the wierd cinnamon color of the furniture.  They have four dressers that are from the same collection.

Monday, February 1, 2010

The Bedroom Remodel Project ~ Day 2

Sunday afternoon we finished removing the closet walls.

Had to remove the chair rail and baseboards.  The chair rail was put up with huge long nails... ?
Destruction is so much fun!

The little boys (especially) had fun!

Done for today!  View from the boys dressing room looking south.
View from the girls room, looking north.
I wish we had some place to put stuff while we are working, but alas, we don't.  So we are just working around stuff the best we can.  When we get to the final painting, etc... we'll have to move everything out.  I can't even imagine... that will be fun!  Um, no one come to visit then, okay?  LOL

One room is paneling, one room is sheetrock... anyone have a any bright ideas as how to handle where they meet?  It's only on the one wall but still?...

Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Bedroom Remodel Phase I ~ Day 1

Um, yeah, What Are We Thinking?!

Okay, now that I got that out of my system, let me explain...  Our home is a typical ranch style house.  The north end has two bedrooms on each side of the hallway and a bathroom at the end of the hallway.  The first bedroom on the left is the boys room, the first bedroom on the right is the girls room.  The last bedroom on the left is our room and the last bedroom on the right has served several different functions.  It was originally the sewing room and it was the last room we painted.  The children all had wanted to help paint (we repainted the entire house when we moved in) and had been so patient that I told them they could paint the sewing room.  :D  I'm just a good Mama like that... LOL

We were trying to use all the leftover paint (being frugal -snort-) so I mixed the golden yellow from the living room and hallway with the cranberry from the living room and it made this melon color.  Now you know why part of the room is melon colored.  One wall is sponge painted with all the leftover colors of paint.  The children painted one wall theirselves, it has their handprints, footprints and their names and ages.  It's so precious :) 

Fastforward... I moved the sewing room down to the new part of the house (we closed in the garage) and that bedroom eventually became a closet for the boys.  A huge closet.  It was their 'dressing room'. 

They have outgrown their bedroom, it's too small.  The dressing room is too large just for a dressing room/closet so... we decided to move the girls across the hall into the boys room and knock out the wall between the former girls room and the boys dressing room to make one big bedroom for the boys!

Whew.  Following me?  I, of course, forgot to take "before" pictures when it was neat (well, as neat as a huge closet can ever be)... so here goes:
Standing in the closet looking north
The hallway wall.

The view from the north looking toward the 'soon to be removed' wall!

And in case you were wondering 'why in the world did they paint this room anyway?!'... it was white and silver streaked paneling...
Luke was a little tyke when we moved in and he wanted to write everyone's names and ages on the closet wall :)
And here he is helping Tony pull down the trim from the closet. 
Thank you Lord for Luke!

Actually the first thing we had to do was empty the closet so that's why you see shelves of shoes on the other side of this room! 

Sam had been outside removing nails from wood we hope to reuse and was anxious to get in on the actual destruction.  If you know Sam that will not surprise you at all!  LOL

VOILA!  And...
I'm optimistically thinking we are 1/4 of the way through with the wall removal.  Woohoo!