Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Planner... a la Dana ;) ... part 1

So my planner ends in June and I've had this wild idea to create my own planner so I can make it *just like I want it* LOL
Here's what I have so far... my plan is to make it monthly so I can tweak it for a while before I print a whole year's worth.... :)
Genius title page or what?
July to September calendar 'at a glance'

School days calendar
Next... three pages of 'Special Dates'...
A note page and then JULY begins...
Then a month at a glance two page spread, notice the column before Sunday... that's to write weekly goals, etc...

There's a two page spread for each week of the month
And each month ends with a few more note pages
So, that's the plan... I'm still sorting through which binding method I will use.  I will keep you posted... I know you are waiting anxiously... lol.