Thursday, February 10, 2011

... and so the Potty Journey begins...

Nehemiah decided Saturday that he wanted to wear underwear and not a diaper. He said diapers hurt his tummy... lol

He had one pee miss Saturday. Wore unders all day Sunday (even at church, where he pooped in the potty once and in his unders once) and slept in unders.

I don't think he's really ready though. But if he wants to go potty I'm not gonna say no .

No misses, dry overnight

Two pee misses and I told him he had to go back in a diaper. He just cried this sweet little pitiful cry... he wanted his underwear and not his green diaper. ;) Wore the diaper for a few hours and had a bm and then back into unders. Dry again last night.
I just don't think he's ready because he doesn't come and tell me when he needs to go.  if I ask him if he needs to go potty he will either say "yes", "no" or "not yet" LOL
I guess we'll just see how today goes...

No misses today, dry overnight as usual.

Well, had a pee miss last evening and we put him back in a diaper.  He just cried and cried... he loves his unders.  He wore the diaper all evening and night and woke up dry again.  He's back in his beloved unders!

No misses, asked to go potty most times

One miss but Daddy takes the credit for it... lol, asked to go potty most times

I guess this is it.  I sure didn't think he would be ready so young but he is. 


On another note... we have one child who has secondary nighttime enuresis so we purchased a Malem Bedwetting Alarm.  I will post our journey here:
So we got the Malem bedwetting alarm recommended for our very deep sleeping son. Tony wanted to try this before trying the chiro and then the ped.

Sat night: he was dry

Sun night: alarm went off at 5:15 am. Woke us up but not son. That thing is LOUD. Tony finally got him awake but, of course, he was soaking wet.

Mon night: 2:15 alarm went off. Did not even phase son. Sound asleep and soaking wet.
Someone give me some hope that this will eventually wake him up

Tues night: 2:15 and 5:30, wet again and alarm did not wake him the first time but did the second time

Wed night: woke up at 5:30 when Tony's alarm clock went off, thought it was the Malem and went to the potty!

Thur night: woke up to his alarm by himself, small wet spot on unders but he stopped the flow and went to the bathroom himself.

Fri night: successful, woke up on his own to the alarm

Sat night: 2 am, half wet before Tony got him up.

Sun night: dry all night, no alarm

Mon night: got up to the alarm himself, still dry

Tues night: woke up to alarm, tiny drop of wetness, went potty

Wed night: wet, alarm went off

Thu night: stayed dry all night

Fri night: stayed dry all night

Sat night: alarm woke him up, already wet

Sun night: forgot the alarm, dry all night

Mon night: woke up on his own, no alarm, to go potty in the middle of the night

Tue/ Wed/Thu: Dry!!!

Fri/Sat/Sun/Mon: Dry!!!