Friday, July 16, 2010

My Happy Place

I have pictures to share of my Happy Place :)
This is the door between the guest room/sewing room and the open space with the computers, door to the bathroom, laundry room, pantry.  Um... how to orient you?  That door is on the east wall.  The curtain to the left is a storage closet for craft stuff.  We have the door but it hasn't been hung .....yet.....

Looking left, the futon and the shelf on the left with Matt and Jennifer's stuff that is still here.

Now your back is at the door and you are facing west.  Those french doors open into the back yard.  See the brick column?  There and to the left was the garage opening.

The dresser with Matt and Jennifer's stuff.  That cabinet holds the snaps and all the embroidery machine stuff.  Hanging on the back of the bookcase--diaper, trainer and bib patterns.

Now your back is to the futon.  Directly in the foreground is a work table.  That's Molly's machine, MaryVance is using it to make a quilt.  Under it are three drawer things with patterns and various sewing supplies.  That shelf to the right has hairbow making supplies on the top shelf, the second shelf is a tote of fabric for the children to use and the bottom tote is mending --- blush.  The large cabinet holds more supplies for sewing, knitting, crocheting and all the scrapbooking stuff.

Your back is to the french doors.

Standing in the corner with the larger cabinet.  My sewing L and fabric shelves in the background.

My spot.  Sewing machine to the left, serger ahead.  I don't like the way the fabric shelves block my view of the doorway but I can't see any other way to do them for now.  When Matt and Jennifer move their stuff out of the dresser we can put it in storage and then maybe put the bookcases flat against the wall.  Or something?

My cutting table.  Right now the ironing board is there because I'm working on that quilt I told you about.

How's that?

Off to finish those wipes.  The bread will have to wait until tomorrow.  Matt just called.  He's coming back with steaks to grill!