Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Summertime Updates

So we decided to put up a pool this year.  But you know us... nothing is ever simple or easy, right?  LOL  The children have been saving for the past year and bought this pool with their very own money <3.  The pool is up and we are enjoying it.  We are also fencing in the pool area -- that is still a 'work in progress'.  I will get some photos up soon to share with you.

The spot where we decided to put the pool was off level by 11 inches.  That may not seem like a lot but if you've never leveled a 17 foot diameter circle that is 11 inches off in 100+ degree weather in clay-y ground that hasn't seen much rain all summer... well, let me tell you... it's a tough job.  I'm proud of my guys!

The "Pool Yard" not only houses the big pool (15 foot x 4 foot) but the kiddie pool also.  There's room for Sam's new aviary and a deck around part of the big pool.  Tony ran electricity and water out there so we have lights too!  We have big plans for the pool yard and I'm excited to see it all coming together.

I am also happy to report that swimming lessons are coming along great!  The Lord is so good to us. 

Have a blessed Summer!