Friday, January 14, 2011

It was neat when I started...

I promise!  Why is it that one always has to make a mess in order to reorganize and rearrange... ?

I had this idea.  But I was only going to move one shelf.  Really.  And then this happened...

I decided to redo the way I had patterns organized.  So I made a color copy of the front of all these patterns (almost 300) and organized them, put them in a binder with dividers.  I wanted the patterns to be in open totes (used like drawers) in the closet which meant I had to clean out the closet. 

Right in the midst of this the little ones got sick and have wanted me to hold them off and on for several days.

And now it's my turn... I have the head cold and feel miserable.
I just need to get this finished, ya know?