Thursday, March 4, 2010

the bedroom project part 7

notice the lack of caps... draw your own conclusions... LOL

Alrighty... what's new with this project? 
The ceiling is done...  it looks better in real life ;)

The "Boonesborough" wall has it's base coat (still needs some cutting in at the baseboard).
The exterior closet walls are almost done.

Today the boys and I made a Dutch door for their bedroom.  A Dutch door is also called a 'stable door'... isn't that fitting -- LOL

Sam and Luke got all the trim pieces painted.  Tony just got home so I'm going to see what he wants to get finished tonight. 

We did make a Lowe's trip last weekend and got all the rest of the supplies we will need, including ceiling fans (remind me to tell you that story -- our wonderful government....) and an area rug. 

I'm very excited to see all of the coming together. 

*MY* plan is for the room to be ready for the boys to move into this weekend.  The Boonesborough wall and the little boys beds won't be done but all the rest should be.  Oh and the insulated Roman shades won't be done yet either.  I have too many diapers to sew right now.  ;)