Saturday, May 30, 2015

Andy and Missy... sittin' in a tree...

Tony's brother Andy finally found his other half!  Missy is a delightful addition to the Looney Lewis Family!  LOL  They got married last weekend in a beautiful state park lodge.  It was a lovely and perfect 'Andy & Missy' wedding!
These are all from a quick photo shoot at Grandmother's house before we left for the wedding...

The closest I have to 'twins'....

My redhaired ones...

Sam, Caleb and Luke... all grown up...

MaryVance and Sam

Sam and Molly

My stairsteps are all messy now!  LOL

The rest of these are from the wedding... MaryVance was on camera duty so if you see lots of pictures of our children holding 'babies', you will know why!

See... don't say I didn't warn you!  Molly and Gavin (nephew of Missy)

Emma, Gavin's twin sister, with Sam

Gavin and Isaac

Emma and Elijah

Emma, Elijah, Gavin, Isaac

Oh, yeah, there was a wedding too!   Lovely cake made by Tony and Andy's sister Mandy!

Oh look!  It's Emma again... with Isaac :)

Boy believes his Mama when she said 'You better not get food on that tie!' LOL

Nehemiah and Isaac, in the background is Grandmother and Judy's long-time friends, DeAnn and Tim.

Emma and Molly, looking at puppy pics on Molly's phone.

Gavin and Luke

The wedding was so wonderful, just perfect for Andy & Missy!  It was so wonderful to meet her family and we really enjoyed spending time with Gavin and Emma! 

Tennessee in the Spring

Last weekend we went over to Tennessee for a quick visit.  We drove to my hometown for a few days and then over to Tony's hometown for a few days and for *The Wedding* (pics to follow in new post).
Camping at my Daddy's house... under the big pecan tree that I played in as a child!

Sam teaching Nehemiah all about staking a tent... love to see my bigs teaching my littles all about life...

The Big Green Tent... Parents and Poikas.  It was such a Perfect weekend for camping, the best we can remember... the weather was wonderful, the whippoorwills serenaded us all night... until the coyotes stopped by for a quick chorus.

The "Big Kids" tent... lol...

The Poikas and cousin Jacob

Isaac, Joseph, Jacob, Nehemiah and Elijah

Jacob, only sister's only child... he and Elijah were both born in 2002.

And 'the gangs all here'... Mama and Steve came by Daddy's for a visit.

Me and My Sissy :)  I waited nine and a half long years for her and was delighted to finally get my own real-life baby doll!!