Friday, June 12, 2009


Tony is doing great! Better even than the "best case scenario" we were expecting!

Thank you all So Much for praying!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Update on Tony

I just talked to him. He's in recovery. They were able to do the surgery via his ear canal :yay: He sounds really groggy, said he feels like he has a fifty pound weight attached to his legs. He has a headache and his throat is dry. He should be home in three hours or so. Thank you all so much for praying!!

Please pray for Tony today... surgery

Today he is scheduled for a tympanoplasty with possible ossiculoplasty.

He's having his eardrum partially reconstructed (via a skin graft from the coating of the muscle near and below the temple) and his second ear bone will either be reconstructed or a prosthetic bone will be put there.

His ear drum ruptured twenty years ago. When it healed it healed with a dimple. The dimple has gotten deeper and traps ear wax, dead skins cells, etc... and that has caused it to lay back on the second bone which has caused deterioration of that bone. His ear is in pretty bad shape.

His hearing is moderately affected and his understanding and comprehension are even more affected.However the surgery is to repair the damage to his ear and not to improve his hearing -- it may be improved but that is not the reason for the surgery. He has a nearly constant noise going on all the time. It changes but is currently a plusating that corresponds with his pulse.

The doctor intends to do the surgery via the ear canal. However if he gets in there and can not perform the surgery that way he will have to cut along the back of the ear and flap the ear forward toward the cheek. This second method will (of course) require a longer healing time.Tony can't drive or go back to work until he's off the narcotics for pain.

We would really appreciate your prayers for wisdom for the doctor, no adverse reactions to the medications, and smooth healing for Tony. Thank you so much!