Sunday, December 4, 2016

Sam & Hannah Engagement Pictures!

 I (Molly) had the great joy and honor of doing an engagement shoot of my own of Sam & Hannah about a week ago (their wedding photographer did an engagement shoot already, but I had been wanting to do one for a while and they gladly obliged ;) ) - It was so much fun! They are so cute and sweet together and truly a delight to photograph!

He gave her this sign for Thanksgiving - my first thought when I saw it at the store was 'this will make a perfect prop!'  It lived up to my expectations!

Singing 'Love Lifted Me'. :)
Sam gave Hannah this guitar for her last birthday.

And this is the swing he proposed to her on.
And Hannah gave Sam this Bible on Thanksgiving.

As he walked towards her he was explaining what she was supposed to do for this pose.

This one cracks me up! I was testing the lighting so they weren't 'posed' completely yet, but when we got home and I saw it I had to keep it! Something caught her eye so she wasn't purposely ignoring him, but it looks like she's just having her own little moment and he's like 'come on!' Lol!
They have a lot of fun together - obviously!

He went to the store and picked out these flowers to make her a bouquet for the shoot... Sunflowers are one of her favories.
I had more ideas of pictures I wanted to take of her ring, but I ran out of time... I do plan on taking more next chance I get!

His face here is priceless!