Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Nehemiah's last day as an 11 month old

Nehemiah's new "trick"... he's a puppy!
I love how he squenches up his nose!

Look at those little toofers!
And those long eyelashes!

And his whiney face... it's cute now but it won't be so cute in a year! Ha ha ha
Look at his top gums... those teeth are about ready to PoP through!
Voila! My sweet Nehemiah. He's ONE today.
Birthday pics coming soon.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Nehemiah's Birthday Gifts

My sweet, scrumptuous, adorable baby will be ONE tomorrow.
Here's a sneak peak of his birthday gifts.
I was going to title this "My Family Loves Me" but Tony suggested this title instead, so we could have his name on the front.
This is all sewn, made of fabric and has lots of texture too!

A closeup of the shapes that fit in the shape pocket.

This is an "I Spy" bag. It's filled with over 40 tiny things that you have to find. It's really a little advanced for Nehemiah but I wanted to make it so I did :)
The back has a vinyl pocket and laminated tag with a photo of all the things in the bag.