Saturday, April 25, 2015

Is it April already? How can that be?

And, actually, nearly May!  Winter just flew on by and we loved watching spring just gently unfold in our lovely new home state of South Carolina.  It's just so beautiful here and there are so many precious and lovely people in our lives, we are truly blessed.
As I sit here listening to the Poikas playing with Legos, Luke singing along with an Acappella cd... as most of us are preparing for tonight's dinner guests... I realized it's been a while since we've posted an update so here goes!
Dec 31 We hosted our Annual New Year's Eve Fellowship and it was such a fun time.  It always amazes me (though by now it really shouldn't) how we can have people from so many different walks of life, who have never met, all get together and really enjoy one another.
January found us blessed with busyness.  We have weekly fellowship dinners and enjoy our time together with dear friends so very much.  Tony's office is being remodeled so he has spent a lot of late nights and weekends supervising that process.  He's been gone a lot but we are grateful for a good job and knowing there is eventually an end in sight.  Joseph started a new relationship with the orthodontist.  LOL... We've been there a lot this winter and spring. 
February We were so happy to be able to visit with the Wissmann Family again as they came to our area for their annual ministry and singing.  They are a precious family and a real blessing to our family. Elijah celebrated his big 13th birthday and the following week Sam celebrated his 19th.  My babies are growing up.  We enjoyed weekly fellowship dinners all month and Tony, again, worked crazy hours.  Our 'biggest' event in February was a visit from our dear friends from Wisconsin!  They were here from the 17th to the 24th.  We all battled with various aspects of a nasty cold while they were here but it was still such a good visit. 
March Still more ortho visits for Joey... I have a feeling this is going to be a long-term relationship with Dr. Johnson... lol.  Another blessed month with weekly fellowship dinners and the opportunity to host a birthday party for a sweet young fella we love.  And, yes, still more crazy work hours for Tony. 
April found us dealing with allergies and sick friends and we were not able to host our fellowship dinners quite as much as we wanted to.  We did have the chance to invite the Landry family over and it was nice meeting them and getting to know 'new' people :)  Tony's remodeling project is hopefully wrapping up and we are looking forward to more 'Daddy time' soon.

The days become years so quickly... I am constantly mindful of this fact and try so hard to live in the moment and enjoy each smile, each laugh, each meal, each moment of life with my precious family.