Friday, July 17, 2009

Dana's Sewing Frenzy ~ Day 1

It's Alexas's fault... really, it is. She said "Are you up for some little girl sewing?" An innocent enough question but my brain went "Ooohhhh little girl sewing...oooohhhhh" and I went straight to the fabric shelves and pulled out this fabric. I made a peasant dress (size 2-3ish). And I found a 360 skirt that I had cut out last year and never made -blush-
Here's the dress! Molly is trying to convince me that it needs a matching hairbow!

And here's the skirt. It's the same fabric as the sleeves on the dress.

See? It's is a 360 skirt.

My little boys are such sports. I couldn't remember what size I cut it out to be so they all tried it on for me. Don't tell them I told you. Anyway, it fits Joseph (3 yr), Isaac (5 yr) and Elijah (7 yr). Isn't it cute?

My Sweet Toothless Baby...

is toothless no longer.

MaryVance's new dress

When I saw these fabrics I just had to have them! They are loud and fun and very summery! I think I like them so much because they remind me of some of Eric Carle's artwork (and we love his books!)

I made 'John-John's (shortalls) for the two little boys and this dress for MaryVance. I'll take a group picture when I'm all done with Joseph's.

Fab Friday Foods (updated)

BREAKFAST: Luke made these lovely Quick Danishes this morning -- all by himself!
On the lunch menu:

Molly made homemade pizza
and for supper:

Caleb slow roasted a beef roast today and made oven roasted potatoes and broccoli with cheese sauce

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thursday's Eats (updated for supper)

MaryVance made breakfast. Cinnamon sugar breakfast cake and eggs, just imagine there are eggs there! LOL
And for lunch... Sam was our chef. He made homemade buns.

Aren't they pretty?

While the buns were rising he made Broccoli Salad.


And here are the Sloppy Joes!

The Finished Lunch

And on the menu for supper? Molly's making lasagna, homemade bread and salad (I think... hoping we have salad greens!) Stay tuned...

And now for supper:
Molly made some yummy homemade rolls...

Lasagna, salad and rolls.

Very extremely yummy!

So I had this bright idea last week...

when I was working on our menu for the next two weeks. Caleb and Molly (mostly Molly) have been making breakfasts for a long time. A few weeks ago I gave Luke and MaryVance each a day to make breakfast.

I decided that Caleb, Molly and Sam would get to make lunch M-S. Wasn't that sweet of me! And they each have one night a week to make supper. I'm so self-sacrificing, really. It's true.

Really. My intentions are good. I want them to have more experience in the kitchen. I love to cook and I want to share that with them. It's been a lot of fun. They made their own menus and everything!

I didn't think of this until a little while ago but I should have been blogging our cooking week. So I am starting today. Following this post I will begin blogging my children's daily fun in the kitchen.

Sam is making homemade buns for lunch. Yes, that's a teaser... stay tuned!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Nehemiah's haircut... before and after...

Almost done,
And done! :-)

Today's sewing

I started this a long time ago... -blush- It's a baby gift and baby is due any day now. The new daddy loves airplanes and I looked and looked to find a knit with airplanes. Today I just had to do all the coverstitching (hemming and waistband).Then I cut out this adorable John-John for Nehemiah. It's all done except for hemming and the snaps in the crotch and shoulders. I have one cut out for Joseph too only his has two pockets on the sides. And I'll make MaryVance a peasant dress to match!
My friend Traci asked me if she could come over later this week so I could teach her to make a pillowcase dress. Nevermind I have never made one. So I made one today to practice. Can't teach what you don't know... LOL

That one is for Ruby. I had so much fun I made another one from fabric and cut it as an Aline. It's about a 6/8 (depending if it's a dress or a top) and it's for sale! LOL

Fun fun sewing day. Nevermind that I didn't even start what I was Supposed to be sewing. Oh well... tomorrow is a new day!