Wednesday, January 25, 2012

2012.... Already?

Remember those UFOs from October?  Well, all were finished except one.  The children's bathroom is still a work-in-progress ;)
Tony painted the exterior doors, here's the back door, they are all the same color.

He also repainted the hallway.  This color looks like a Wendy's Frosty... yum!  This color will eventually cover all the living room walls also.  It's hard to take hallway pictures!  We have some neat plans for hanging photos, etc.. in the hallway.  Stay tuned.

Here you can see the original color (which is still in the living room).  A medium gold on the walls and a deeper gold trim.  I am so sick of this color... lol.  All of the trim and doors are white/will be white also.  The white trim just makes the Frosty color just POP!

The dining room also had the same golden paint with this green accent wall.  We kept the green but the other three walls are Frosty.
 These are the window treatments from our bedroom.  They just matched so nicely in here that we moved them.  We also removed our bed cover (duvet) and put a cream-based quilt on our bed.  Along with cream curtains our room now looks bright and airy.  What?  You want a picture of that?  lol

I want to do a photo collage on this wall along with a scripture verse.
This photo, unhung as of today, has an open Bible out in the field with the verse "Thy word is a lamp unto my feet..."  I'll hang it today and post a new pic.

BACK WITH NEW PICS... what do you think?  Is the frame too high?

The children's bathroom, previously a 'Rubber Ducky' yellow and blue themed room, is now orange with a fun elephant print shower curtain.  The walls need a second coat, I need fabric for a curtain for the window and we need to overhaul the vanity... that may be a while.  Just use your imagination.  LOL

BACK WITH PICS:   Here's the shower curtain that we are designing around.  Nehemiah LOVES Elephants, as did Joseph when he was a wee lad.
 This blue is the shower/tub.  Pretty... lol  Can you say "70s house" with me?
 Friends gave us this CUTE corner cabinet!  Don't you just Love it?! 
 This... this is the vanity that needs help.  LOL  We'd love to replace it but it's not a standard size.  We'd love to have two sinks there... So the long-range plan is to refinish the base and build a new top with two sinks.  The short-range plan is just to paint it brown and wait for the time and money to redo the top of it.  The missing drawer was destroyed by visitors years ago.  We've tried and tried to repair the drawer to no avail.  We are going to just remove all the drawers and leave a large opening.  Into that will slice a wicker laundry basket for towel laundry. 

Above the vanity/below the mirror you can see the previous wall color of yellow.  (What was I thinking with all the yellow?  I've never even LIKED yellow!  LOL)  Goodbye Yellow!  woohoo!!!