Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Playhouse Updated...

Remember this project:
It's finally cooled off enough that we are back at work. It's all finished now except for the inside dividing wall and the painting!! What? You don't believe me? -gasp- You wanna see pics?! :-)
Here ya go!!

Side view. The lattice is to allow for a breeze. It's pretty hot here, ya know!
Front View
Putting lattice on the back
Elijah is a great helper!
Wrangling a 4x8 takes all of us!

typical ten year old... LUKE

Caleb framed out the window by himself.
right front side, the front door
All done except for the front door.
Working on the door
Told ya! It's all ready for the dividing wall (the playhouse has two rooms) and paint. MaryVance, Elijah and Isaac got to pick the paint colors... red, blue and green!!!
Who knows when the painting will get done though? Hopefully we'll have a baby soon!!

Our Little Firefighters


Sam... I guess he would be the "driver", right?
Firefighter Ike, using his snake....errrr... firehose to put out the fire!
Looks like Joseph is just waiting for word from the command post.
Off to another fire!
Setting up their cones and stands so no one comes near the fire while they are working!

Chief Joseph, checking out the situation.

Driver Sam is taking a much-deserved rest whilst the crew fights the fire!