Friday, February 13, 2009

Our trip to Mexico Beach with the Hands

(notice he is completely off the ground in this picture!)

Taylor, Luke, Elijah, and Maryvance,

Sam and Joey,
Luke and Elijah,
Matt, Jennifer, and Landon,
Matt, Jennifer, and Landon,
Mr. Ryan and Alivia,
Mr. Ryan and Tristan,
Matt and Jenny,
The pretty waves,
Nehemiah, he just wasn't sure what
to think of all that wind!!
Caleb and Isaac,
Joey and his sandy seat!! :-),
Sam and Tre',
Matt and Tristan,
Caleb and Joey,
Just as soon as we got out the food for lunch, this big flock
of Sea Gulls showed up 'share' our lunch with us!!!
A Sea Gull and a Pelican,
A picture of Me just to prove that I Was There!! :-),
Acacia and her shell collection!!
Mr. Ryan and Tristan,

Sweet Little Tristan!
Miss Barbara and Tristan.

Photography by Molly, all except for the last 6 pictures
(because they taken by Miss Barbara or Mr. Ryan :-))

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